Terms of use

  1. General Rules

    1. 1. Dealings with each other

      • The general conversational tone should be polite and respectful towards the others users. Be friendly even when it is hard for you. But with politeness, there is always a way to master a situation.
      • Defamations, Spamming, Thread-Hijacking and obscenity are not allowed will be deleted. Spam is an useless or not topic based post. Thread-Hijacking describes the starting of a new topic in a thread without relation to the current discussion instead of create a new separate thread.
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    3. 3. Choice of a name

      The user name should be associated with friendly gaming atmosphere. Following user names are not allowed which
      • have offensive, racist, politically radical, sexist or glorifying violence meanings.
      • include registered trademarks (z.B. McDonalds, Reebok, Levi Strauss, Warhammer). The most of these trademarks are protected by international Trademark Laws and must not be used in commercial products.
    4. 4. Profile pictures

      • Profil pictures may not contain unconstitutional symbols and must not be abusive or offensive to the other users. Advertising for political parties or religious organizations is not permitted and will be punished.
  2. Forum Rules

    1. 1. General

      • Racist, threatening, illegal and sexist comments are not allowed and will lead to exclusion of the board without any warnings. The same applies to images and external links.
      • Sharing of banned and confiscated contents like games, music and software is not permitted. If you are unsure you need to check whether the content is available on Amazon or Ebay. Cracks, illegal downloads and software that bypasses the copy protection are not tolerated. This includes cheats and modifications which are not officially supported by Wargaming. Questions and references to relevant contents will be deleted. Because it is sometimes difficult to identify whether this the post contains illegal content, the Administrators and Moderators decide at their own discretions.
    2. 2. New threads and replies

      • Before creating a new thread please check - by using the search function - whether the topic already exists. Look to it that an applicable section of the board for the new thread is chosen. Use a meaningful title for the new topic. It simplifies the usage of the search function. Please check your spelling, do not use only capital letters or unnecessary special characters.
      • When answering a thread remain on topic (see Spamming / Thread-Hijacking). Our Moderators and Administrators will delete or move inappropriate posts.
      • Replies should contain useful and topic based statements to give support and raise a discussion if necessary.
      • Spelling and punctuations simplify the reading of the posts.
      • Subsequent modifications of the should be done by using the "edit" function instead of creating a new reply.
      • If you recognize infringements of our board rules, please use the "Report" Button or write a PM (Personal Message) to a Moderator.
      • Each User agrees that his posts can be used on our main page (Wiki or Tutorials).
    3. 3. Signatures

      • You have the possibility to create a signature which will be added automatically below your posts. The general guidelines must be observed as well.
      • Signatures must not be intrusive with a maximum of 5 lines. Spoilers are not allowed in signatures and will be removed without any comment.
    4. 4. Multiple Accounts

      • Multiple Accounts are not allowed and will be deleted by our Administrators.
  3. Teamspeak

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    4. 4. Spam

  4. Discord

  5. Punishments

    • Infringements of the rules will be punished by the Moderators and Administrators. The first violation entails a kind reference to the rules. In case of recurrence the Moderators and Administrators will give a reasonable warning. With a new infringement the user account will be banned by the Admins. Warnings can be removed after an appropriate period of time.