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By Players - for Players
We regularly offer you the latest news by Wargaming.

Our correspondent has his ear to the developers in the Russian Forum and provides us with the translated informations.

The Fanzone will be the point of contact for all kind of players, no matter whether Newbies or well experienced players.
But in particular the Beginners and Newbies are very important to us to bring them on the right way ingame. Hence our experienced users provide guides and tutorials for several tanks, maps and tactics.
By the lexicon is given the possibility to get an explanation for all technical terms and an answer for all of your questions. Additionally we also have included a forum where your posts are always welcome.

We want to simplify the search for platoon mates. By our public Teamspeak Server get also clanless players the chance to play platoons more effective.
We are looking forward to welcome you on our Teamspeak Server.

True to our motto "By players - For players"!

This project lives by you and your content.

Please tell us your impressions, criticisms and wishes for the future and help us to improve our content. We still have a great deal to do.