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  • Teamspeak (TS) is a Voice over IP (VoIP) program that is mainly used for voice communications in the game. In addition, conferences can be organized between several players. This opens up new possibilities of exchange of experience within the gaming community.


    The Teamspeak client is available for many platforms and mostly for free (see The application can be installed directly on many devices. The installation on a mobile device is associated with additional costs. But this has the significant advantage of mobility. An installation on another devices (eg mobile phone or PC) has the ability to keep an eye on Teamspeak during a game.

    After installing, the Fanzone Teamspeak server needs to be added:

    Label (optional)WoT:B Fanzone
    Server password<no password, leave this blank>
    Nickname<please use your ingame nickname>

    After saving, the new Teamspeak server can be selected.

    User manual

    After selecting the Teamspeak server, the player appears in the lobby. The individual rooms (channels) can be accessed by selecting the appropriate channel with a long click on it. A menu appears with the option "enter Channel".

    The channel "General Discussion" is suitable as a meeting place to contact or engage the platoon mates in an ongoing discussion.
    To play it's better to use one of the platoon channels. After the game session the channel should be left. Please don't block this channels.

    Etiquette manual

    It is polite to say a short "hello" in an ongoing discussion. Especially when you want to participate in a platoon channel as a silent listener. In this situation, we can assume that the players are slightly busy and have no view on the channel lists.

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