The Tiger I - the Legend from World War II

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    • The Tiger I - the Legend from World War II

      Original article (German) by @'ArnieQ'
      Translated by: @Amaunet85


      This week (note: the week was week 24 of this year, the original post is from June 12th, 2015) the tank of the week is the Legend of World War II: the Tiger I. The Tiger I is a tier VII heavy tank.


      Just like it was in real life at the time, the Tiger I is superior to its opponents (mainly T-34 and the M4A3E8 Sherman) and could only be defeated by a superior force of tanks. The matchmaking in the game works a little different for the Tiger I, but the superiority still stands. As is normal in tier VII, the Tiger faces opponents from tier V to tier IX and therefore it can face off against vastly superior opponents.

      I took a long time until I completed the grind in the Tiger I, getting all the parts and getting the crew to 100%.


      The engine and tracks give the Tiger I the mobility needed to drive it as a medium tank (Med) in an emergency. More on this below.

      The gun (8.8cm Kw.K. 43 L / 71) does an average damage of 270 (AP / APCR ammunition) per round and an average penetration of 203mm (AP ammunition), but we can't expect any miracles, and certainly can't expect tiers VIII or IX opponents to be afraid of you. The reload time is good and the accuracy is great, like with almost all German tanks. For facing higher tier heavies such as the E75 take a few APCR shells with you. I always carry 10 with me. If you see a hull-down ST-I, run away as fast as you can, because even APCR can't help you there.

      In the game, the Tiger I is a very good all-rounder. It drives smoothly, has sufficient health for a heavy at this level with 1450 healthpoints and pretty normal armour (100 mm front hull / 82mm turret).

      Nevertheless, the Tiger I has a lot of weaknesses. Even a T-34 (medium tank level V) can penetrate the Tiger's head very easily at close range:


      Therefore, the Tiger I must be driven tactically and properly angled. Contrary to most tanks, the angle which you must use for the Tiger I is slightly larger than in other tanks, which is something you must remember at all times. It took me some time to figure it out, but the angle at which you'll want to turn your tank in order to have a good chance to ricochet shots is 30, sometimes even almost 45 degrees:


      As you can see, the weakness of the turret is not eradicated even against a T-34. Experienced opponents will therefore try to shoot you in the turret or the lower frontal plating, where they will have the most success. Therefore:

      • Hull down when possible. If this is not possible, angle at 35 - 45 degrees.
      • With the turret directed at the opponent wiggle it during reload, about 10 degrees to the left and right so that the weak spots will look like a blur to the enemy.
      Here's an example of the correct angle to the IS in this shoot-off, whose shots continuously bounced:

      Now, a word about tactics:

      Driving the Tiger I, I experience it as one of the most versatile vehicles in the game. By combining a heavy with very good mobility and a good gun that packs a proper punch, the Tiger I is best played as a front-line tank when it's mid-tier or toptier. But beware, if you encounter smart opponents that attack your team with a one by one tactic, an immediate change in tactics is called for: in order to not let your team lose your firepower, either switch to the second line, or switch to Med-tactics even, attacking the enemies from behind or the side using your speed and mobility.

      If you're low-tier and must face off against IX opponents the best tactic is to follow the med-tactics. Flanking in the Tiger I can be a great success, if you have at least one other medium supporting you. Your opponents won't be able to perform the circle-of-death on you - you're too mobile in this tank.

      I have equipped the Tiger I with Vents, Rammer and Gun Laying Drive. In addition to this, I take the multi-restoration pack, repair kit and fire extinguisher with me as consumables, as the Tiger I likes to burn, unfortunately. Alternatively, you could chose Chocolate as a consumable instead if your crew is not yet at 100%. Though the Tiger I has high repair costs too, this can save you a lot of frustration.

      Ride the Tiger I aggressively but wisely. When the going gets tough, immediately throw the plan overboard and change tactics. Most of the time, your enemies won't be expecting that. If you're low-tier, not afraid of bigger, badder/better tanks. You are not their first target, but when the cannon of a E75 swivels to you, you will want to duck behind cover. Therefore, keep an eye on possible cover nearby, and make sure you can use them quickly during battle.

      The Tiger I works very well in a platoon with another Tiger I or an IS.

      By the way, the Tiger I is also suitable for ramming...

      ... and can even effectively combat the navy


      As you can see, the Tiger I can and will give you a lot of fun times. Good luck with the legend of World War II and may your aim be true.

      Amaunet's notes on the tank:
      I picked this to be the second guide to translate because this is the tank I'm grinding right now. I almost fully agree with Arnie's article as such. I don't find it all -that- mobile, but it's a fun little tank. As top tier, you can effectively be a bully, and only need to watch out (a little) for other tier VII's and always be on the watch for tank destroyers as their pen-values are much higher. I have the same equipment, but carry chocolate with me as a consumable. Expensive, maybe, but it gives you an edge because it makes your entire tank just that little bit better.

      Being bottom tier requires you to be sneaky - the shorter reaction time of your crew with chocolate will help with that as well. As Arnie says, always have cover nearby, and let other tanks be the enemies' main target. I find it hard to lose in this tank when I'm top tier, but I'm still getting used to bottom tier tactics - they're more med-like and I don't have any (proper) experience driving meds yet, and I'm not used to tanks that get hit in the turret so easily.

      Overall, it's a very fun tank, as long as you take into account that unlike with the T29, you do not want to show people your turret, as almost anything and everything can pen you there. Wiggling your turret is a must with this tank, and I think that makes this tank good training for medium tactics.

      It eats about 200 to 250 damage per shot, and with the rate of fire being as decent as it is, there's a lot of tanks you meet that you can shoot at twice before you need to get behind cover again. Together with the German accuracy that comes with it, it can do more than just win. It can absolutely pwn. Allow me to show off the two golden little M's I got during one lunchbreak this Monday, and you'll understand how much fun this little monster can be.