Fanzone Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the Fanzone Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame shows the best results of the WoT:B Fanzone community members.
If you are community member and you think you can beat a record in the Hall of Fame, feel free to post your results. Just click the "Add Screenshots" button.

Please consider the rules you will find via the button below.

Ranking Lists - Tables

Trophy Tier Name Tank Damage Screenshots Date
I Pathfinder_CH FT 1.215 Link to Post 04.04.2017
II Pathfinder_CH Cruiser I 1.809 Link to Post 25.11.2017
III bbc68 SU-76I 2.252 Link to Post 21.01.2018
IV Ak9toW3ed Matilda 3.261 Link to Post 08.11.2015
V bayaneelix Shinobi 3.773 Link to Post 21.11.2015
VI DieMutter T-150 5.071 Link to Post 08.09.2015
VII 4claus SU-122-44 5.949 Link to Post 30.10.2015
VIII Sie_nannten_ihn_Muecke63 T32 7.352 Link to Post 01.08.2016
IX kingmiami25 Tortoise 8.166 Link to Post 25.11.2015
X m_414_mg5798 IS-7 8262 Link to Post 25.05.2016
Trophy Tier Name Tank Experience Points Screenshots Date
I Nitto7 L.Tr. 913 Link to Post 17.01.2018
II mad_one_one R35 1085 Link to Post 05.10.2017
III Fahiko Ke-Ni Otsu 1.199 Link to Post 01.12.2017
IV Ak9toW3ed Matilda 1.437 Link to Post 08.11.2015
V tsn24 Churchill III 1.850 Link to Post 27.01.2015
VI Senfgurkfrieder VK30.01 D 1.830 Link to Post 19.01.2016
VII Bulloxx KV-13 1.764 Link to Post 18.09.2015
VIII Sie_nannten_ihn_Muecke63 T32 1.906 Link to Post 01.08.2016
IX blAsterJack_2014 Tortoise 1.957 Link to Post 20.02.2017
X mEiJin_ Obj. 140 1.906 Link to Post 19.02.2016
Trophy Tier Name Tank Assisted Damage Screenshots Date
I Pathfinder_CH FT 380 Link to Post 30.03.2017
II Nitto7 T-26 1.075 Link to Post 19.07.2018
III XCCMT01 Pz. S35 1.589 Link to Post 17.11.2015
IV moritz_22 A-20 1.866 Link to Post 18.05.2017
V _Gis63 Leopard 3.122 Link to Post 27.02.2016
VI blAsterJack_2014 Cromwell B 3.361 Link to Post 11.09.2016
VII PinkUnicornOnTanks Type 62 4.361 Link to Post 05.03.2017
VIII Chanakraton T-54 lt. 5.574 Link to Post 16.07.2017
IX LittleMissBadAssName E75 5.779 Link to Post 30.12.2016
X thejim1991 Obj.140 7.381 Link to Post 27.08.2017
Trophy Tier Name Tank Net income Screenshots Date
I Nitto7 L.Tr. 12.714 Link to Post 17.01.2018
II Nitto7 Chi-Ni 17.860 Link to Post 15.06.2017
III Nitto7 D2 19.722 Link to Post 22.06.2017
IV moritz_22 M5 Stuart 24.680 Link to Post 22.05.2017
V Nitto7 Leopard 33.098 Link to Post 30.04.2017
VI The1Mo Churchill GC 41.815 Link to Post 26.06.2018
VII Nitto7 KV-13 32.156 Link to Post 25.06.2017
VIII Chanakraton Panther II 40.664 Link to Post 05.04.2017
IX Chanakraton WZ-120 34.059 Link to Post 17.03.2018
X HartMut259 Grille 15 33.282 Link to Post 10.05.2017
Trophy Tier Name Tank Net income Screenshots Date
II Metalproofed T7 Car 19.830 Link to Post 29.07.2017
III MarkusTheEternalNoob Ke-Ni Otsu 32.114 Link to Post 31.08.2017
IV Nitto7 Hetzer Kame SP 26.472 Link to Post 23.06.2017
V Kai_herb Chi-Nu Kai 59.841 Link to Post 27.06.2017
VI ____Sebi83____ T-34-85 Victory 60.514 Link to Post 14.01.2017
VII Matschbanana Helsing HO 63.920 Link to Post 23.06.2017
VIII TheChocolateDude AMX CDC 79.523 Link to Post 25.07.2018
IX 4claus KPfPz70 62.812 Link to Post 09.11.2017
X Link to Post
Trophy Rank Name Tank Value Screenshots Date
Kamikaze Ak9toW3ed Cruiser III 70 Link to Post 19.04.2016
Reaper Ak9toW3ed T82 16 Link to Post 06.02.2016
Hunter wj_geige IS-6 13 Link to Post 24.06.2017
The Lion of Sinai LOVE_and_TRUST E-100 13 Link to Post 20.09.2017
Survivor Ak9toW3ed Ke-Ni Otsu 46 Link to Post 13.12.2015
Raider yeop101 Matilda 2 Link to Post 04.01.2016
Master Gunner The1Mo Leopard 274 Link to Post 08.03.2018
Sharpshooter The1Mo Renault Otsu 581 Link to Post 08.03.2018
Invincible Alkmene2011 Pz.Jäg.I 8 Link to Post 21.11.2015
Mouse Trap The1Mo Maus 3 Link to Post 08.03.2018
Valley of Pattons LOVE_and_TRUST E-100 1 Link to Post 20.09.2017
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